Package Smart Balance Hoverboard 6.5 inch, Transformers Carbon + Hoverseat with Suspensions, Motor 700 Wat, LED

Reference: 6426601012824

299,99 CHF

Engine power: 700W with the best self-cleaning quality

Original Voltage Batteries: 36V 4Ah Samsung cells

Maximum speed: 15-18 km / h

Autonomy: 15 km

Tilt ability: 45 degrees

Minimum weight: 30 kg

Maximum weight: 120 kg

Wheel size: 6.5 inch

Type of wheels: Non-pneumatic

Full load time: 2-3 hours


- Carrying bag

- Lights LED

- AutoBalans

Waterproof and protection against dust grade: IP54

* Information note:

- IP54 represents - non-tight protection against dust and microscopic residues. Protection against spray water with any inclination.

- The maximum speed may vary depending on the weight of the user, the ramp angle, wind speed and direction, the conditions of the rolling substrate, etc.

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